Press reviews
"A Century of Russian Colours"
Bertrand Boissard, Diapason (F)
"... the piano playing the main part there, we fully appreciate Beatrice Berrut’s beautiful and coppery sound. The charm and the warmth of her playing don’t make her less powerful in the most extravert places of the 1st movement. A flood of passion is gushing out of these hands, even more impacting, being contrasting with the softness of the preceding pages."

Joanne Talbot, the STRAD (UK)
"...The Rachmaninoff is a real heart-on-sleeve Sonata, yet these artists control the emotional pacing expertly, with a brisk and exciting Allegro scherzando and an Andante that is expressive yet eschews sentimentality. Beatrice Berrut creates real clarity within the huge piano part, with textures that are rich yet transparent, thereby allowing the cello line full sway. If Rachmaninoff’s idiom explores Romantic yearning, Kabelevsky’s musical vernacular delves into steelier anguish. His Cello Sonata is sombrely framed by a mournful, slurred quaver theme which returns at the end of the work as crotchets. Both artists are compellingly expressive in the first movement’s plaintive invention and the final Allegro is particularly brilliant."

Martine Mergeay, La Libre Belgique (B)
« Musicality, technical perfection, generosity, freedom, both musicians have it all »

Wolfram Goertz, Rheinische Post (D)
"Great musicians, who don’t go for sentimentality. An impressive journey to Russia, much more than a touristic excursion…"

Barth Tijskens, Clara's 10 Beste (B)
"...a warm, refined and passionnate performance of Rachmaninoff cello&piano Sonata. A fresh, spontaneous and technically amazing version of Kabalewsky Sonata ! "