Michael Dungan, The Irish Times (EI)
"...Yet if there were to be one specifically transcendent performance, it came from Beatrice Berrut on Sunday afternoon. Her Busoni transcriptions of Bach chorale preludes, and of the D minor Chaconne (BWV 1004) calmly revelled in multiple layers of genius and beauty, from the original, devotional unison of the choral melodies to their appropriation by Bach for two hands, two or more keyboards, and two feet at the organ, to Busoni’s miraculous adaptations for just two hands at the piano. Yet no matter how logic-defying Busoni’s magic, what always came across from Berrut was the sheer beauty of the music and the refined, restrained emotional depth of Bach."

Juan Carlos Montero, La Nacion, Buenos Aires (ARG)
“…however, what we should remember is having heard such an exceptional pianist as Beatrice Berrut (…) Her interpretation throws light on her degree of perfection; she seems to have all the qualities necessary for becoming a concert pianist with a brilliant career.”

Zachary Lewis, The Plain Dealer Cleveland (USA)
"A standout in all categories was Swiss pianist Beatrice Berrut, who gave electrifying accounts of Bach and Chopin’s works. Evincing masterly control and focused zeal, she tore through the whole and commanded the house."

Klaus Schweizer, Basler Zeitung (CH)
“…Graceful: the young Valaisan pianist Beatrice Berrut, who brought to Scriabine’s Second Sonata graceful and insistent vigour and finely executed arabesques...”

Daniel Hathaway, Cleveland Classical (USA)
"Beatrice Berrut began with a completely delightful journey through Haydn’s F Major Sonata that was clean, touchingly lyrical and shapely. Her tone, full of color and dynamic contrasts, was readily apparent in her all-around brilliant performance of Chopin’s b-flat minor Sonata, op. 35. The third movement Marche also showed her great sense of line…"

Matthieu Chenal, le 24 Heures (CH)
“…a finely executed interpretation, with depth, and an obvious refusal of showing off, of ostentatious heroism, of flashy virtuosity…”

K. Gentzsch, Lausitzer Rundschau (D)
“ …Beatrice Berrut’s performance was elegant and graceful. The Swiss pianist knows astonishingly well how to reach the listeners’ hearts with R. Schumann’s Sonata in F sharp minor…”

M.Pollini, Ambito Financiero, Buenos Aires (ARG)
“…Maestro Mintz played with the young Swiss pianist Beatrice Berrut, whose performance was memorable. She is probably one of the most refined and mature musicians to have played in Buenos Aires recently …”

Jonas Pulver, Le Temps (CH)
"Beatrice Berrut plays in a way that seduces by its sincerity (...). Beatrice Berrut places singing, shaping, on top of her priorities. (...) The pianist, sensitive and intuitive, puts her guts in every note, every inflexion, every expressive interval."

L’Alsace (F)
“ …There was the blonde pianist, Beatrice Berrut, with her fluid playing shot through with magnificent, sparkling colour and heady sounds created by one who has mastered the keyboard…”

Jürgen Scharf, Südkurier (D)
“…The Valaisan pianist Beatrice Berrut has offered us another subtle insight into Scriabine’s Second Sonata through her intimate, sensual, vivid playing…”

Catania Oggi (I)
“…so many emotions! Beatrice Berrut’s playing has put a spell on the audience, and catapulted us like in a dream, to another dimension…”

Daniel Andres, Bieler Tagblatt (CH)
…one appreciates how intelligently she measures her phrasing; one admires her multi-faceted touch on the keyboard and the tight construction of the work…

Sergey Zaks, Classical Connect Chicago (USA)
“What impresses the listener in her playing is the depth, the seriousness of it, something you may not expect from a young performer. This is the hallmark of Ms. Berrut’s art. Whether she plays her beloved Schumann (she recorded all three piano sonatas for Centaur Records), Chopin, Brahms, or Scriabin, she digs deep into the music to uncover the essence and bring it to the listener."

P.Bardin, Tribuna Musical Buenos Aires (ARG)
"Shlomo Mintz brought along a very talented Young Swiss pianist, Beatrice Berrut. As it happened, she was a revelation: professional and firm, her impressive mechanism complemented by a particular sense of phrasing and trained taste. And in true chamber music fashion, she interacted with her Partner at all times."

Liam Murphy, Munster Express (EI)
The Swiss pianist Beatrice Berrut showed her growing reputation with the best set of the weekend. She had 'star' quality. She started with some Busoni Chorales and shone with a Chaconne, and a Brahms Ballades was melancholic, and a Liszt Fantasia was sublime, and the applause was wonderful and exciting.