Mahler Adagietto on the piano
Watch here a video of Mahler's Adagietto transcribed for the piano by Beatrice Berrut. Taken from his 5th symphony, this very special movement features a complex combination of pain and joy.

Portrait in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung
"Her interpretation really reminds one of the great Liszt players such as Arrau, Brendel and Zimerman". To read the whole interview click here.

4 Stars in Classica
"From Dante's very first bars, one understands that a true artist is at work. (...) Beatrice Berrut knows where she is heading to : if her tempos sometimes bring the listener close to asphyxia by the tension they distillate, they serve a coherent and thought-out architecture. (...) Beatrice Berrut has offered us one of the most remarkable Liszt recital of these last years."

10/10 and JOKER of the Crescendo Magazine
"Beatrice Berrut pays a considerable tribute to Liszt, a recording that we can from now on consider a "reference"."
Metanoia was awarded Crescendo Magazine's Joker and a nice review, that you can discover byclicking here.

Radio Luxembourg 100.7
Beatrice was Manuel Ribeiro's guest on his broadcast "Klassik Aktuell" on Radio Luxembourg 100.7. To listen to the interview in French, follow this link.

RTS UN : La Puce à l'oreille
Beatrice was Iris Jimenez' guest on RTS UN's cultural broadcast, "La Puce à l'oreille". To watch it click here.

Clef d'or du mois de Resmusica
Metanoia got awarded Resmusica's "monthly golden key". To read the review and see the award, follow this link.

Matinale de France Musique
"An intimate reading of Liszt's soul" : follow this link to listen to France Musique's broadcast "la Matinale" with Saskia de Ville.

RADIO CLASSIQUE/Le Journal du Classique
"Beatrice Berrut releases a blinding Liszt album" : click here to listen to Beatrice's interview with Laure Mézan on Radio Classique's "Journal du Classique".

France Musique and Espace 2
To listen to France Musique broadcast "Classic club" with Lionel Esparza and live from the bar of the Bedford Hotel in Paris, click here and to listen to Espace 2's Nomade with Yves Bron meeting Beatrice at her alpine base camp click here.

Metanoia : The Teaser
To take off with Liszt's music, watch Metanoia's teaser by following this link.

CD of the day on Radio Classique
Metanoia is Radio Classique's CD of the day : " The Swiss pianist knows where she is heading to, and if her tempi are characterized by their amplitude, they serve a language of a rare highness"... you can read the whole article by clicking here.

Klassik Heute, Piano News and Pizzicato
"She convinces and emotionally completely seizes the listener (...), and there are moments that are played so beautifully that they just make you melt", says German magazine Piano News. To read Klassik Heute's review fully "perfect balance between inspired excentricity and musical deepness" click here, and Pizzicato's one "her impressive technical skills are totally dedicated to musical aims click here

RTS la Première (Swiss Radio)
Beatrice was Pierre-Philippe Cadert's guest on his broadcast Vertigo, airing on Radio Suisse Romande la Première. To listen to their one hour conversation, click here.

German Reviews of Metanoia
Beatrice's last album Metanoia got nice reviews in Concerti.de which you can read here and the CD was among the Tagesspiegel's best Christmas album, and described as : "fearless, with phenomenal virtuosity, takes us into Liszt's wondrous world and strides on Dante's tracks through Hell, loses herself the loneliness of Swiss mountains, and keeps a fine sense for proportions and effects. "

Beatrice's new album featuring works by Franz Liszt has been released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Israel, and will be released worldwide on January 13, 2017. To order it online, click here.

Tribune de Genève
To discover a portrait published by the Tribune de Genève following Metanoia's release, click here.

ORF/Ö1 Kulturjournal
Click here to listen to Beatrice's chat about her last album "Metanoia" with Judith Hoffman on the Austrian national radio channel ORF.

Portrait in Bachtrack
Click here to discover a detailed interview and portrait on the online magazine Bachtrack.

Mozart Piano concerto No 27
Click here to watch a live performance of Mozart's last piano concerto in B-flat major with the Berner Kammerorchester under Philippe Bach at the Bern Kultur Casino.

Liszt Metanoia : new album on Aparté
A new album named Metanoia and dedicated to major piano works by Liszt will be released on the Aparté label at the end of the month. For more information, click here.

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2
Click here to watch the video of a live performance at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art featuring Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no.2 with the Israel Camerata under Avner Biron.

Backtrack review after a recital in Southern France
Read by clicking here the review that was released in Backtrack after Beatrice's recital at the Festival Liszt en Provence in the South of France.

Review in Der Bund
Read by clicking here a review that has been published in the Swiss newspaper "Der Bund" after a concert at the Bern Kultur Casino with the Bern Chamber Orchestra under Philipp Bach in Mozart KV595.

Beatrice in Vienna Musikverein's magazine

Carrefour de Lodéon on France Musique
Lux Aeterna was widely featured on a broadcast led by Frédéric Lodéon on France Musique, named Carrefour. To listen to it, click here.

Beethoven 3 at Apollo Theater : Review
Click here to read a rave review following Beatrice's concerts with the Philharmonie Südwestfalen under Charles Olivieri-Munroe at Apollo Theater in Siegen with Beethoven 3rd piano concerto.

Bach Lesarten : Lux Aeterna in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung
"A recording that can be considered as one of the amazing piano recordings of these last years »... read the whole review byclicking here.

LUX AETERNA in NDR's top 10
Lux Aeterna has been nominated as one of the 9 best albums released in 2015 by German radio station NDR. Click here to see the broadcast's webpage.

Bach and Liszt on video
Beatrice Berrut's last videos are online. Watch them by clicking on the work's name : Après une Lecture de Dante by Liszt, Chaconne in d-minor by Bach-Busoni, and the choral prelude "Ich ruf zu Dir", transcribed as well by Busoni.

Intimate portrait in French in TUTTI MAGAZINE
Written by chief editor of the Tutti Magazine, Philippe Banel, a few words and ideas bandied at the bar of the Millennium Opera in Paris. You can read them by clicking here.

4 Stars from Le Soir (le MAD)
Lux Aeterna was granted four stars from Le Soir's weekly cultural magazine. It is ranked number one among their readers' choice too. To read the review click here.

Live from Le Magazine on France Musique
Beatrice was Lionel Esparza's guest on his "Magazine" on France Musique. To watch a live video from the broadcast click here.

Live video from Milano
To watch a live video from Piano City Milano on the amazing Bösendorfer new concert grand click here.

Walliser Bote
To read a review from the Walliser Bote after Beatrice's recital at Ernen Musikdorf click here.

Debut at the Zurich Tonhalle
Beatrice will make her debut recital in the big hall of the Zurich Tonhalle on October 26, 2015, at 6.30pm. To book a ticketclick here.

October on tour : reviews
Follow Beatrice's October tour by reading the reviews that were published in Brussels by Arts et Lettres after her recital at the Artonov Festival by clicking here, the one written after the recital in Washington celebrating the ONU's 70th anniversary by clicking here , and here the review published after a recital in the roman church of Raron (CH).

Musiq'3/RTBF : Puisque vous avez du talent
Beatrice was Laurent Graulus' guest on his broadcast "Puisque vous avez du talent". Practice your French by listening to it and get to know Beatrice better by clicking here.

Lux Aeterna on NDR Kultur
Beatrice's album dedicated to Bach, "Lux Aeterna", will be presented on NDR Kultur's broadcast presenting new exciting releases and presented by Markus Stäbler You can listen to the broadcast here.

Bach Album Trailer
The trailer is now on youtube. You can watch it by clicking here

Article on Piano Bleu
You can read a nice article in French on the Piano Bleu site, portraying both Beatrice and her new CD. Read it here.i

RTS-Espace 2
Beatrice was Yves Bron's guest on his broadcast Magma, presenting her new album. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Le 24 Heures
A portrait of Beatrice was in today's 24Heures, one of Switzerland's leading newspapers. Click here to read it

RTS 1 - Vertigo
Beatrice was Pierre-Philippe Cadert's guest on his broadcast Vertigo on RTS1. Listen to this one hour interview by clicking here.

Rbb Kultur Radio
Lux Aeterna received a really nice review on Rbb Kultur Radio. You can read it by clicking here.

Bayerischer Rundfunk
Beatrice's recital at the Munich Gasteig is to be heard today on the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR Klassik). Click here to listen to it.

CD-Tipp on SWR2
Click here to read the review published on the German radio station SWR2.

CD-Tipp on HR2 Kultur
"Only Bach, Berrut, and oneself": Lux Aeterna is Cd-Tipp on the German radio station HR2 Kultur and got a really nice review which you can read by clicking here

Nice awards from the French medias
Lux Aeterna is ResMusica's "CD à emporter" and received the "Maestro" award from Pianiste magazine. You can read ResMusica's review by clicking here and Pianiste's review here.

Nice article in the Bund about Beatrice's upcoming recital at the Paul Klee Foundation in Bern, and about the album Lux Aeterna. You can read it here.

Staatsförderpreis 2014
Beatrice was awarded the Förderpreis 2014 by the canton of Wallis. It is decerned every year to young and promising artists.

Interview in the ELLE Magazine
Click here to read an interview of Beatrice in the May edition of the ELLE Magazine.

Irish Times
Beatrice's recital at New Ross Piano Festival earned a rave review in the Irish Times. Read it online by clicking here

Lux Aeterna - Visions of Bach
Beatrice's new album featuring works by Bach and Escaich is ready and it will be released in January 2015 on the French label Aparté. www.apartemusic.com

Lux Aeterna Trailer
A trailer of the upcoming Bach album is to be watched on Youtube.Click here to play.

Interview at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Click here to watch a short interview made before the concert at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art with the New York based Escher String Quartet.

Musiqu'3 Terres Neuves (RTBF)
Beatrice was Christine Gyselings' guest on her discography broadcast Terres Neuves. Enjoy both an interview and samples from the Schumann album. Click here to listen to the broadcast.

ARTE's Salons de Musique
Another newborn is the Salons de Musique's CD, Arte's show, featuring Beatrice's rendition of a Choral by Bach-Busoni, among other tracks by wellknown artists such as Jean-Guihen Queyras, Valentin Erben from the Alban Berg Quartet or Henri Demarquette. Click here to order it.

Schumann : The 3 Sonatas for piano
The Schumann album featuring all three piano sonatas is back on the market! Click here to order your copy.

Victoires de la Musique on France 3
Beatrice was to be seen on France 3 during the Victoires de La Musique's concert, alongside other artists including Janine Jansen, Fazil Say, Khatia Buniatishvili and friend and cellist Camille Thomas. Click here for a picture.

Mozart Piano Concerto KV 414
Enjoy this live video of a Mozart Piano Concerto with the Camerata Valais. Click here to watch it.

Off to a new exciting year !
2014 will be an exciting year for Beatrice, starting off with Beethoven piano concerto no3 with the North Czech Philharmonic under Charles Olivieri-Munroe, and including highlights such as a recital tour in China, concerts at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, at the Victoria Hall in Geneva, or a debut recital in Denmark. The Schumann album will be reedited on a new label and will be followed by an album dedicated to Bach... So fingers crossed! Best wishes to all of you and see you maybe at some concert!

Bach Live at the Cleveland Museum of Art
Enjoy this live video from the Cleveland Museum of Art featuring Bach's 6th English Suite. Click here to play.

Frédéric Lodéon's "Coup de Coeur" on France Musique
Beatrice's last album featuring Russian music for Piano and Cello with cellist Camille Thomas was yesterday Frederic Lodeon's coup de coeur on France Musique.

Beatrice is a proud new member of the renowned Amsterdam-based artists agency Interartists. Click here to see their piano roster.

ARTE'S Salons de Musique
Now online on ArteLiveWeb! The new Salons de Musique, live from Paris with works by Liszt, Brahms, Beethoven...Click here to watch it full-length

Berliner Philharmonie
A video of Liszt's Totentanz at the Berliner Philharmonie is now online on youtube. Click here to watch it.